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Post Posted: 02:24pm - Mar 12,20 
Hey guys. Cal park water clarity is pretty chalky. Clean water Is key and the bait seemed to be more scattered just like da fish. Fish are around just gotta get creative. I dont know bout yall but if my boat ain't ready to dip I stay out of the way of the ramp. I'll get her ready in the parking lot then hit the ramp. It's not cool when you got somebody in the middle of two launches prepping the boat. Just common courtesy. Oh and the COHO 19 VIRUS IS SPREADING FAST.

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Post Posted: 06:42pm - Mar 13,20 
Try it on a nice weekend day in summer and witness the circus atmosphere.You have people wiping down their boats on the ramp,wave runners racing up and down inside the steel breakwall,kids diving in the water off the docks etc. so it just gets worse.


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Salmon Unlimited Member

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Boat ramp manners are sometime lost in this me me me society. We wondered what the backup was about and walked to see, only to find a guy changing the prop. He said it had to be done because of the number of guests on board today. Is it ignorance or just not a care for others. There are signs at most ramps :rulz but all you can do is point to it. I hope that guy never breaks down and needs a tow from me.
How about the ones that launch then stay in the slip waiting for guests.
Sorry if this rant has offended anyone but if it did you needed to hear it because this is intended for you.
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Post Posted: 09:26am - Mar 14,20 
Yes the spring / early summer is a zoo at the ramp .
Karen and I now do try to fish a week day to help with that problem . Or get to North Point at 1 am . Launch then pull over to the waiting dock .
Get a slip and arrive at midday . This year after the Coho run ends , around early June , will be taking the boat to Ludington for the rest of the year .
Have family there and two lakes with different fish and the lakes are only a few hundred yards apart .
Karen's family lives on Lake Shore Dr. . The lake be right across the street .

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