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Post Posted: 08:34am - Feb 3,20 
Now that I'm chasing steelhead closer to home in NW Indiana, and knowing what I now know about what the steel mills have gotten caught dumping into the Little Calumet recently (cyanide, ammonia, hexavalent chromium), I question if I should even bother keeping anything to eat out of that system. I understand that whether you fish for salmon/steelhead in IL/IND/MI/WI, they all come from Lake Michigan. Granted I don't fully understand the migratory range of the fish, and if they pretty much stick to the regions/tributaries to where they were stocked, but I'd have a hard time keeping fish directly from a tributary that has had known toxic chemical spills occur. After the August 2019 fish kill there was an advisory against eating fish in that area. I assume the DNR has now signaled "all clear'? I'm still researching that one.

Just food for thought, and not necessarily for the table. In the end it's my choice. ... story.html

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Chromium was recently dumped illegally in Portage too. Follow the consumption guidelines.

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Only one answer to keeping these waterways clean , they need the same filtering system that they have in the Mississippi River .
That filter system has dropped the red tide problem way down . For what gets dumped in the old Miss. , stuff we do not even know about , the water is pretty clean .
It will filter out all mentioned poisons , plus is free and self sustaining .
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