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Post Posted: 06:53am - Mar 7,11 
honda cat wrote:

guess what i found
a zip lock baggie with the flys you sent me
i suppose i never tried them kuz when its time to go i would grab the ones with leaders on them allready
so i sat down last night and tied them each up with a 30" piece of 40lb florocarbon
they will get their chance this spring as soon as posible i will post reports

thanks for the flys sory they did not get tested rite away

Frank I sent you those flys, Bubba gets them from me. I figured they vanished in the mountain of tackle you guys bring to the Pond. 30 inch leader seems way to long I usually make leaders 16 to 18 inches max behind a red dodger. Would love to see a Throwdown: cdx flys vs. eddie flys. Glad you found them. See you on the lake SOON.



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Post Posted: 10:12am - Mar 8,11 
My go to stuff for on the hook peanut are:

-sometimes the an aqua/mirage and red/black/silver combos are decent too
-two tone - I started tying my own variation here last year and they seemed to outperform the others, tweaking from the original where I added a little gold and was able to get a brighter lime green than the hair. For me, my two-tone probably caught more Coho than any other fly last season.

I'll say also that when we fished 70' and beyond in May with most of our stuff up top, I started running a deep rigger with chrome dodger and a combo LBB fly with a lime green skirt and it took a lot of Coho from 67' to as much as 110' deep. And that was at the same time when we were still catching them up top too.

Capt Rick

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Post Posted: 10:27pm - Mar 8,11 
I would have to second Jerry's choice. I don't know how many of those we have on the boat that are just worn down to almost nothing and they still catch fish. But probably the best coho fly last year was the new improved 2-tone. It is basically a combo of an aqua and a mirage. The fish loved it and there were many days I had more than 10 of them running at a time. Purple and black was also a very good color last year on overcast days. Also blue green gold can be the go to many times. That being said when you get into a really good bite in the spring they will hit just about anything. Good luck to everyone who gets out there this spring.


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Post Posted: 08:30am - Mar 9,11 
I don't exactly know what colors are two-tone. Capt. Rick could you or someone else show us a picture of it. thanks


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Salmon Unlimited Member
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Post Posted: 11:00am - Mar 9,11 

The 5th post in this thread has a photo.

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