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Post Posted: 11:44pm - May 14,17 
The crew consisted of me, my dad, and a good friend of mine from college who never fished the big lake before. Got the harbor by 4:30 AM and launched the boat a little before 5 AM and motored out to 140 going southeast. Ran an 8 rod spread. Reached 160 with nothing being marked on the graph. I made a decision to go to an old mark in the 120 ft. area in front of the Nuke and found a small amount of fish there without any boat traffic. By that time it was 8 AM.
I reeled the first fish on the 10 color and got an eater size coho. Reset the same rod and not even 10 minutes later it starts screaming. I handed the rod to my friend and he was in for the ride of his life when we saw the fish jumping out in the distance. Netted a fat steelie and the look on his face was priceless! :rotflmao

Hottest rods were the 10 color with a caramel dolphin spoon (but the caramel color is mostly gone since fish keep smacking it over the years of fishing with it) going 2-2
5 color rod with an orange spoon caught a small coho 1-1
Braid dipsey out 120 on 2 setting with a 00 orange dodge and green peanut fly caught another eater size coho 1-1
Had a drive by on the SWR with a Hey Babe spoon down 90 ft. but it did not connect

Circled that area for a couple more hours. Left around 10:20 AM when the wind started to pick up from the SW with 1-2 ft chop.

It was pretty cold out there. Out deep, water temps were close to 40 degrees and by 120 FOW, it was around 41-42 degrees. Ended the day going 4-5. 3 cohos and a steelhead
Fishing was hit or miss out there but based on what people said if they found a pod of them out there it was pretty easy to limit out. Fishing seemed pretty hot by the south reef by Waukegan based on radio chatter.-

Biggest fish of the day. I guess you can say he is hooked now!

It is a great feeling to show someone who never fished this giant lake before the pretty cool fishery we have here right by our backyard.

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Post Posted: 05:07am - May 15,17 
Nice job spreading the joys of Salmon fishing to others. It's amazing how quickly you get fish is all it takes. That's how it was for me and I'm forever grateful to the person that created this monster, lol. There's something special about getting it done from a small craft as well. Thanks for reporting!


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Post Posted: 08:27am - May 15,17 
Good trip Rodolpho... :respect Good start and now you got another fishing buddy for sure! That's the best "action" fish you can start him on! :D

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